Sunday, November 14, 2010

Currently reading:

The Unincorporated Man

I'm fully engrossed in The Unincorporated Man. Not-doing-chores-avoiding-all-distracting-human-contact engrossed. It's not often that future-society stories get a new (to me anyways) spin. I'm pretty sure I'll end up highly recommending this one. Also, be sure to check out The Passage. FANtastic!

In other news, it's that time of year again at MOZ headquarters. My birthday was fun and fantastic. I got a digital frame to take to work where people will now refer to me in hushed voices as 'that lady with all the cat pictures..." I'm looking forward to it. Next up is Thanksgiving, which kicks ass for us vegetarians- implicit permission to eat nothing but side dishes. YUM! Garlic mashed taters, green beans, stuffing, yams, crescent rolls (oh yes, CRESCENT rolls... from a can... that D has to open for me because I'm inexplicably scared of the unpredictable pop), and waaaay too much pumpkin pie. As soon as we clean up and waddle away from the kitchen it will be D's birthday, and then on to Christmas followed up by the Dead Letter Awards planning and procurement process. All of this holiday goodness means one thing: SHIT EVERYWHERE. Everywhere. Every counter, seating area, and the floor, is covered in shit. New shit, wrapping paper, food, movies, books, cats, all over the place. So this weekend was the beginning of our pre-holiday cleaning binge. Reorganize, clean, and sell, sell, sell. Get it out! D spent more time with Ebay this weekend than he did with me and I love him for it. Every year we hope we'll come out of the holiday season a little more put together and less disheveled than the year before. Here's to hoping...

Much love!